Friday, October 2, 2009

A Shot Across the Bow: or, a friendly introduction

Beginnings are difficult.

It's this first post that's kept me from blogging until now. How to set the ton
e properly, to establish purpose and direction, to justify doing this and not writing my thesis as we speak . . .

In short - how do I introduce myself when I know that most of those who will read this will already know me?
Look how meta I am!

At any rate, I am a political philosopher, with a deep and abiding love for Hannah Arendt, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Giorgio Agamben. I'm finishing my thesis so that I can have my Master's, so that I can go on to a Ph.D. program so that I can get a job to pay off the student loans I need to get my Master's. Also my B.A.

This blog will focus on those aspect of pop culture, current events, the mere facts of living in a world with other people that leave me cross-eyed and ranting. Only now I won't have to just rant at the boy and the roommate, and I won't be limited to the few words Facebook allows you to add to links. Hooray!

Also, my kitties are adorable.
This is Appie - she's an adorable idiot.
This is Alex, he's too smart for his own good. Or, more likely our own good.


  1. You've got a blog now, eh? I'm not sure, but I think conservatives everywhere just felt a simultaneous, unexplained chill of terror.

  2. it's really the best excuse for gratuitous kittie pics. i think that the secret reason blogs were invented.

  3. Heh, Alex looks like he just poured through all of those books. Come clean Karen, we know you are just Ghostwriting for Alex hehehe :P

  4. We all know the cats are trained to hunt conservatives.