Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Listening Project - Arm's Way - Islands

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of Hypatia’s music (and by “Hypatia’s music” we should always already understand it to mostly “Hypatia’s ex’s music) is the sort of music that’s super awesomepants to write to, because you really don’t need to do much work to keep up with it.  This is not meant as a good or bad critique, I’m a lazy music listener, I’m totally ok with that.  But it is a trend that I’ve been noticing, and now that I’ve started back up with the Listening Project, it’s closer to the front of my mind.

I almost went to see Islands, right after I moved down to ATL, and who knows, perhaps I should have.  But given how shruggy I feel about Arm’s Way I don’t think I’ll loose any sleep over that decision.  But there’s a little local color for you.

This is a nice light album.  The sound is thin without being weak and the pace of most of the songs is up-beat.  It’s a toe-tapping kind of music.  Perhaps in the ears of someone wiling to do more work than I am with the whole “listening to music” thing can find more to say. 

Although, I think I just talked myself into really liking this album.

Favorite Track: “J’aime Vous Voire Quitter”
Least Favorite: “To a Bond”

Next up - Arular- M.I.A. (2005)

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