Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is this thing on?

Hi!  I totally remembered that I had a blog that LITERALLY ONES of people kind of read.  And I was all ZOMG I should for totes go back to that sort of FUNTIMES SPECIALNESS of pouring my RAARAGE and general perplexities out into the vast, sticky tubes of the WWW.  And then I was all, eh – PHD SCHOOL IS WORK YO and went back to reading my nice Kant and Foucault and generally letting my RAARAGE worry itself out in batshit crazy papers for perfectly nice profs who for totes did not deserve having to put up with my VERY SPECIAL CRAZYTIMES writing.
But I’m a giver, what the fuck can I say?

But, ZOMFGWTFBBQROFLCOPTER – I can’t wait for the GOP primary season to end, and by end, I mean I feel like now we’re playing for realsies and watching them all try to out awful one another is kind of great.  ALTHOUGH THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN A WORLD WHERE THE TRUMP DEBATE DID NOT HAPPEN.  This is literally oppression that the Occupy movement should fight.  Also, I’m for totes bummed that Mittens is going to get the nod and not Santorum, because a Santorum/Obama debate would be LITERALLY WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLDFISH.  I also had given in and converted my facebook that timeline thing [DOES THE DEPTHS OF MY SELF-ABSORPTION AND NARCISSISM KNOW NO LIMITS?!] which made me all nostalgic and shit for when I would, like, write a blog and do things.

[Also - Bachmann - totally a delight to play at Halloween]

My crazy eyes were only just getting great.

Of course, I also really enjoyed spending a year not really paying attention to the news and all the ways in which my government has declared war with me and damn near everyone else on the planet.
Of course, we all know I’m really doing this to avoid/encourage comps studying.

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