Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Listening Project - All Hands on the Bad One - Sleater Kinney

Part 14 - All Hands on the Bad One - Sleater Kinney (2000, Kill Rock Stars)

I love this album.  I'm totally surprised that I hadn't originally put it on the old iPod, which means that I hadn't listened to it outside of my car in . . . 3 years? 4 years?  Weird.

I want to say that I got this CD way back in the back day when I listened to a lot of dyke rock (a little acoustic Ani, a little Melissa Ferrick, some . . . you know . . . Indigo Girls) but it's also totally possible that I picked it up from Hypatia's Ex (a person you can blame for most of my music) (not the Indigo Girls tho).  Who knows.  I do know that I saw them on their last tour and that was pretty great.

So - they're fun.  A little gritty.  13 tracks wrap up in just over 36 minutes.  You get in, you get out.  You have a fun time while you're there.  It's kind of great.

I've been packing all day.  I got nothing.

Favorite Track - "You're No Rock and Roll Fun" - totally awesome
Least Favorite - "The Swimmer" - the only really slow song on the album. Kinda boring.

Next up - Amethyst Rock Star - Saul Williams (2001) (and then we're all caught up and can go back to strict alphabetical listening!)

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